Wrapped Kadena Lands on CoinMetro

Wrapped Kadena Lands on CoinMetro

CoinMetro & Kadena have been working closely together to open up investor access to KDA, and they have been making great strides in creating the best experience possible for their users. Now they are offering a way for users to gain exposure to Kadena by bridging with Ethereum in a partnership with Wrapped.

CoinMetro, the small centralized exchange based in Estonia, has been a leader in bringing KDA to market. After recently announcing they would support k: accounts (the new Kadena protocol), CM is now offering a way to tap into KDA liquidity via ETH.

A core initiative of the Kadena team is to connect the network to multiple assets & chains throughout the cryptocurrency space. This is the core idea behind Wrapped Kadena. wKDA opens up access to the Ethereum blockchain and the world of DeFi. It increases exposure for KDA on a massive scale, via it’s “wrapped” form.

Wrapped Kadena is backed 1:1 by it’s underlying asset, KDA. CoinMetro will be the only platform in the world to swap your KDA directly for wKDA, and vice versa. Therefore, CoinMetro is the bridge between Kadena and the ecosystem of decentralized finance on the Ethereum blockchain.

The process is quick & easy as traders can swap for wKDA straight from the account dashboard on the CoinMetro website or mobile app.

Kadena was founded on the idea that blockchain could revolutionize how the world interacts and transacts. But to get to mass adoption, chain technology and the ecosystem connecting it to the business world needed to be reimagined from the ground up. The founders at Kadena built a proprietary chain architecture and created the tools to make blockchain work for business – at speed, scale, and energy efficiency previously thought unachievable.