Presearch Grows to 5M Daily Searches as Network Adoption Continues

Presearch Grows to 5M Daily Searches as Network Adoption Continues

The Decentralized search engine that aims to be an alternative to Google has crossed the 3.1M user mark as privacy-focused services see rapid growth among users who want to take back control of their data and escape the censorship of big tech companies.

Presearch is a blockchain powered network that promises search results that are just as good as the world’s top search engines. It also provides an additional layer of data through community packages which further improves the quality of results.

During their most recent community update, the Presearch team released new insights and metrics last Friday, showing continued growth and network adoption. Currently at 3.1M registered users, the search engine has increased its base by nearly 7,100 new users per day.

This increase translates to nearly 5M daily searches and a growth rate of 57 new validation nodes each day. Total node count currently sits at 47,800 according to the most recent numbers, up from 47.4k last week.

In addition, over 160 Million PRE tokens are currently staked between keywords and nodes. Presearch Keyword Staking allows advertisers to choose a keyword (such as “Bitcoin”) and then stake PRE tokens against that term to run ads.

Presearch claims it does not track its users data or store their searches, and queries are handled by a decentralized network of node servers processing anonymized queries. The project has also offers a Chromium based mobile privacy browser, similar to that of Brave (Basic Attention Token).

In comparison, Brave now has 36.2 million monthly active users and 12.5 million daily active users with a market cap of $1,675,739,941. Presearch has a market cap of $120,443,160 with 3.1 Million users at time of writing.

As Presearch takes on more users and the network sees more growth, market cap should continue to rise at a rate similar to that of Brave. The PRE token is valued around $0.243 at time of writing. If Presearch was to theoretically reach the userbase and market capitalization of Brave at time of writing, the token price would be approximately $4.21 or 17x over current valuation.