OriginTrail Expands Advisory Board with New High-Profile Execs

OriginTrail Expands Advisory Board with New High-Profile Execs

The core development company of OriginTrail — Trace Labs — has expanded their advisory board with some major additions, including two business strategists and a well known internet pioneer, further cementing their growth and development of essential web3 infrastructure.

Internet pioneer Bob Metcalfe, early internet investor Greg Kidd, Electronic Arts knowledge graph strategist Aaron Bradley, and BSI Director of Innovation Dan Purtell have all joined the Trace Labs advisory board this year. The additions mark a huge advancement toward OriginTrail’s goal of linking data in a decentralized and privacy preserving manner.

Dr. Bob Metcalfe is one of the earliest internet pioneers, best known as the “The Father of Ethernet.” He joined the Trace Labs advisory board earlier this summer to help apply Metcalfe’s Law for data value prediction to OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) and is focusing on long-term knowledge graph evolution and value generation in the context of network effects.

Greg Kidd joins as an adviser and is best known as an early investor for numerous reputable companies including Coinbase, Robinhood, Square and Twitter. Kidd previously served as the director of Promontory Financial and later founded GlobaliD — a universal identity solution.

Aaron Bradley is best know for his role as knowledge graph strategist at Electronic Arts (EA). As a expert in the field and an experienced content modeler at EA, Aaron will be advising on strategies for outreach to developer communities within various sectors.

Dan Purtell previously worked as Global Supply Chain Security and Investigations Manager at Intel Corporation and Senior VP of supply chain solutions at BSI. He will be advising Trace Labs on innovation strategies for deploying OriginTrail in diverse industries and sectors such as assurance, pharmaceuticals, and supply chains.

What started as a simple centralized system for food supply chains has grown into a general open-source protocol for trusted data exchange. The DKG protocol is based on knowledge graph and blockchain technologies and is supported by an open network of validator nodes deployed globally.

OriginTrail is used by Home Depot, Walmart, Target, & the US Department of Homeland Security for factory audit verification. It’s multi-chain technology integrates with other blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Polygon, xDai and Polkadot.

The TRAC token is the means of compensation between data creators, data holders, and data consumers on the Decentralized Knowledge Graph. It uses token staking as a means to keep all parties honest; nodes are incentivized for performing consensus checks and delivering data on demand.