chain-2 Chain (XCN)

Current Price

$0.0862 +2.01%

$0.0079 Daily Range (9.16%)
$0.0818 $0.0897
$40,077,961.00 Daily Volume
1,972 BTC, Vol/MktCap: 0.0216
Market Performance

bitcoin   +0.58% 0.00000424 BTC

ethereum   +1.84% 0.00007920 ETH

binancecoin   -1.47% 0.00038333 BNB

solana   -4.05% 0.00248653 SOL

polkadot   -1.00% 0.01212489 DOT

7 Day Price Trend

 Price Performance
+0.08% 7 Day Change
$0.0001 from $0.0861
-0.84% 14 Day Change
$-0.0007 from $0.0869
-50.41% 30 Day Change
$-0.0435 from $0.1297
 All Time High
$0.1841 -53.27%
$-0.0981 vs. now
May 27, 2022
1 month ago

 Market Cap Rank #34
91,127 BTC
24H Change
$-5,569,254.70 -0.30%
-274 BTC

 Volume and Supply
21,476,687,657.58 XCN
40.17% circulating
Total Supply: 53,470,523,779.00 XCN
2,546.22x BTC Supply
467,422,352 XCN traded over past 24 hours (2.18% of circulating supply)

 Markets and Insights
Chain Potential Price at Market Cap of:
#1 bitcoin $18.05 +20,841.54%
#2 ethereum $6.06 +6,925.31%
#3 tether $3.08 +3,478.03%
#10 dogecoin $0.42 +384.00%
#25 stellar $0.13 +53.03%
#50 helium $0.05 -46.02%
#75 basic-attention-token $0.03 -67.39%
#100 ecomi $0.02 -78.92%
#125 0x $0.01 -85.05%

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