safemoon-2 SafeMoon (SFM)

Current Price

$0.0007 -16.66%

$0.0003 Daily Range (41.25%)
$0.0007 $0.0010
$2,125,029.00 Daily Volume
72 BTC, Vol/MktCap: 0.0052
Market Performance

bitcoin   -15.88% 0.00000002 BTC

ethereum   -9.79% 0.00000040 ETH

binancecoin   -11.31% 0.00000234 BNB

solana   -7.42% 0.00001656 SOL

polkadot   -9.60% 0.00007871 DOT

7 Day Price Trend

 Price Performance
+44.27% 7 Day Change
$0.0003 from $0.0004
+129.44% 14 Day Change
$0.0009 from $-0.0002
+13.26% 30 Day Change
$0.0001 from $0.0006
 All Time High
$0.0034 -78.67%
$-0.0027 vs. now
January 5, 2022
5 months ago

 Market Cap Rank #116
13,888 BTC
24H Change
$-82,977,117.74 -16.85%
-2,814 BTC

 Volume and Supply
563,159,882,199.20 SFM
56.32% circulating
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000.00 SFM
47,619.05x BTC Supply
2,523,592,597 SFM traded over past 24 hours (0.45% of circulating supply)

 Markets and Insights
SafeMoon Potential Price at Market Cap of:
#1 bitcoin $1.00 +137,076.19%
#2 ethereum $0.39 +53,664.00%
#3 tether $0.13 +17,831.39%
#10 dogecoin $0.02 +2,458.03%
#25 monero $0.01 +746.42%
#50 klay-token $0.00 +206.42%
#75 cdai $0.00 +86.83%
#100 havven $0.00 +27.96%
#125 olympus $0.00 -4.20%

Updated: 8 minutes ago

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