secret Secret (SCRT)

Current Price

$9.03 -6.43%

$1.11 Daily Range (12.29%)
$8.54 $9.65
$78,962,878.00 Daily Volume
1,876 BTC, Vol/MktCap: 0.0543
Market Performance

bitcoin   -5.75% 0.00021459 BTC

ethereum   -5.53% 0.00288380 ETH

binancecoin   -6.20% 0.01924470 BNB

solana   -3.16% 0.06618294 SOL

polkadot   -3.59% 0.36872193 DOT


 Price Performance
+35.60% 7 Day Change
$3.22 from $5.81
+49.55% 14 Day Change
$4.47 from $4.56
+120.04% 30 Day Change
$10.84 from $-1.81
 All Time High
$10.38 -12.89%
$-1.34 vs. now
October 28, 2021
3 months ago

 Market Cap Rank #85
34,580 BTC
24H Change
$-113,281,282.88 -7.22%
-2,692 BTC

 Volume and Supply
160,810,535.00 SCRT
84.55% circulating
Total Supply: 190,198,234.00 SCRT
9.06x BTC Supply
8,682,010 SCRT traded over past 24 hours (5.40% of circulating supply)

 Markets and Insights
Secret Potential Price at Market Cap of:
#1 bitcoin $4,961.84 +54,848.37%
#2 ethereum $2,325.00 +25,647.46%
#3 binancecoin $491.10 +5,338.55%
#10 polkadot $164.03 +1,716.51%
#25 fantom $44.76 +395.68%
#50 cdai $20.11 +122.67%
#75 amp-token $11.09 +22.77%
#100 compound-governance-token $6.69 -25.91%
#125 qtum $4.83 -46.55%

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