ftx-token FTX Token (FTT)

Current Price

$47.44 +5.37%

$4.28 Daily Range (9.02%)
$43.30 $47.58
$261,715,174.00 Daily Volume
6,247 BTC, Vol/MktCap: 0.0398
Market Performance

bitcoin   +6.73% 0.00113238 BTC

ethereum   +7.10% 0.01521796 ETH

binancecoin   +6.63% 0.10178510 BNB

solana   +8.75% 0.34800469 SOL

polkadot   +8.95% 1.9571 DOT


 Price Performance
+14.40% 7 Day Change
$6.83 from $40.61
+23.83% 14 Day Change
$11.31 from $36.13
+16.84% 30 Day Change
$7.99 from $39.45
 All Time High
$84.18 -43.48%
$-36.60 vs. now
September 9, 2021
4 months ago

 Market Cap Rank #30
156,866 BTC
24H Change
$348,392,138.00 +5.60%
8,316 BTC

 Volume and Supply
138,472,816.52 FTT
41.42% circulating
Total Supply: 334,342,152.59 FTT
15.92x BTC Supply
5,759,577 FTT traded over past 24 hours (4.16% of circulating supply)

 Markets and Insights
FTX Token Potential Price at Market Cap of:
#1 bitcoin $5,730.06 +11,978.53%
#2 ethereum $2,687.66 +5,565.39%
#3 tether $566.74 +1,094.64%
#10 polkadot $188.42 +297.18%
#25 fantom $51.19 +7.90%
#50 cdai $23.33 -50.83%
#75 ecash $12.75 -73.12%
#100 compound-governance-token $7.74 -83.69%
#125 qtum $5.59 -88.22%

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