eos EOS (EOS)

Current Price

$2.75 -3.01%

$0.1600 Daily Range (5.82%)
$2.71 $2.87
$364,156,756.00 Daily Volume
8,696 BTC, Vol/MktCap: 0.1349
Market Performance

bitcoin   -1.95% 0.00006567 BTC

ethereum   -1.74% 0.00088173 ETH

binancecoin   -1.95% 0.00590205 BNB

solana   +0.09% 0.02017312 SOL

polkadot   +0.43% 0.11344884 DOT


 Price Performance
-4.69% 7 Day Change
$-0.1289 from $2.88
-5.78% 14 Day Change
$-0.1589 from $2.91
-14.23% 30 Day Change
$-0.3914 from $3.14
 All Time High
$22.71 -87.89%
$-19.96 vs. now
April 29, 2018
4 years ago

 Market Cap Rank #58
64,486 BTC
24H Change
$-82,708,761.58 -2.97%
-1,975 BTC

 Volume and Supply
981,407,243.61 in circulation
Total Supply: Infinite EOS
130,522,135 EOS traded over past 24 hours (13.30% of circulating supply)

 Markets and Insights
EOS Potential Price at Market Cap of:
#1 bitcoin $806.68 +29,233.94%
#2 ethereum $378.50 +13,663.56%
#3 tether $79.87 +2,804.37%
#10 polkadot $26.48 +863.02%
#25 fantom $7.22 +162.55%
#50 cdai $3.28 +19.38%
#75 ecash $1.80 -34.60%
#100 compound-governance-token $1.09 -60.26%
#125 qtum $0.79 -71.35%

Updated: 3 minutes ago

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