dai Dai (DAI)

Current Price

$0.9999 -0.19%

$0.0183 Daily Range (1.83%)
$0.9917 $1.01
$380,654,046.00 Daily Volume
9,120 BTC, Vol/MktCap: 0.0405
Market Performance

bitcoin   +1.51% 0.00002396 BTC

ethereum   +1.90% 0.00032218 ETH

binancecoin   +1.39% 0.00215237 BNB

solana   +3.62% 0.00737596 SOL

polkadot   +3.93% 0.04140311 DOT


 Price Performance
-0.15% 7 Day Change
$-0.0015 from $1.00
-0.28% 14 Day Change
$-0.0028 from $1.00
-0.40% 30 Day Change
$-0.0040 from $1.00
 All Time High
$1.22 -17.88%
$-0.2181 vs. now
March 13, 2020
2 years ago

 Market Cap Rank #23
225,271 BTC
24H Change
$28,052,700.00 +0.30%
672 BTC

 Volume and Supply
9,392,789,897.45 DAI
100.00% circulating
Total Supply: 9,392,789,897.45 DAI
447.28x BTC Supply
380,322,975 DAI traded over past 24 hours (4.05% of circulating supply)

 Markets and Insights
Dai Potential Price at Market Cap of:
#1 bitcoin $84.39 +8,339.96%
#2 ethereum $39.51 +3,851.54%
#3 tether $8.35 +735.08%
#10 polkadot $2.77 +177.29%
#25 fantom $0.75 -24.51%
#50 cdai $0.34 -65.63%
#75 ecash $0.19 -81.12%
#100 compound-governance-token $0.11 -88.61%
#125 qtum $0.08 -91.78%

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TL: DR Breakdown Rune Christensen, a co-founder at Maker, the parent company behind stable coin DAI, has openly challenged two competitors. Christensen claimed... 

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After weeks of tracking Maker’s DAI closely, Terra’s USD stablecoin is now the largest decentralized stablecoin, and the No. 4 stablecoin overall.... 

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The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists. Meet DAI at 1xBit - an Ethereum-based stable coin with its value of 1 USD, the key in the MakerDAO lending system. MakerDAO develops technology an... 

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1xBit, a multi-currency crypto sportsbook, adds DAI to the list of the supported cryptocurrencies where the new coin meets another trailblazing stablecoin – USDT. What is the difference, and which is closer to you? Let’s find ou... 

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Are you looking for a smart way to enjoy price stability in blockchain? Then meet DAI at 1xBit – an Ethereum-based stablecoin with its value of 1 USD, the key in the MakerDAO lending system. DAI is the 31st cryptocurrency added to the... 

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The crypto sector has witnessed growth since the decentralized finance (DeFi) summer of mid-2020. The post Here’s how stablecoins like DAI made an impact in the DeFi space appeared first on CryptoSlate.  

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DAI is a stablecoin tethered against the price of the dollar, which helps ensure the value of this digital asset is as stable as possible. In a world of highly volatile cryptocurrencies, stablecoins like these become increasingly more desir... 

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Stablecoins became more popular over the past years as the need to secure your profits created a demand for cryptocurrencies pegged to USD. Tether (USDT) is currently the largest stablecoin by market cap as it has grown to almost $50 billio... 

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The Optimism-Dai Bridge will allow fast withdrawals later this year. The Dai stablecoin produced by decentralized lending protocol MakerDA... 

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A Feb. 16 tweet by MakerDAO backend engineer Nik Kunkel has revealed that annual stability fees accrued by the protocol just breached 71 million Dai tokens (DAI). In essence, DAI is minted when users lock collateral (usually ETH) in Maker v... 

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On Feb 4, 2020, top DeFi protocol Yearn Finance (YFI) reported that it had been exploited by a hacker to the tune of $11M. The malicious attacker drained the funds from one of the DAI lending pools, as per a report from the DeFi platform... 

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A developer from Yearn Finance has reported that its v1 yDAI vault was exploited by a malicious actor in the early hours of Feb. 5. He added that the attacker got away with $2.8 million, and the vault lost $11 million. Deposits into strateg... 

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“Attacker got away with 2.8m, dai vault lost 11.1m,” a Yearn Finance developer posted in Discord. 

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DAI is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that has a steady value of one US dollar. It is also the key to the MakerDAO lending system. 

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The native token of DeFi stalwart MakerDAO is defying the crypto market correction as it continues to climb while those around it see red. MakerDAO’s MKR token has languished behind the rest of the DeFi market for most of 2020 while those... 

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A governance vote on the Compound Finance DeFi platform regarding compensation for users that lost finds through DAI liquidations is just hours away from conclusion with votes against dominating. The thirty-second governance proposal would ... 

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DAI reached a price of $1.3 on Uniswap and Coinbase, the two exchanges used by Compound's oracles. The crypto market suffered a powerful cra... 

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A momentary price increase in the DAI stablecoin earlier today led to massive liquidations at decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Compound. The post DAI price increase led to a massive $103 million worth of liquidations at DeFi protocol C... 

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A number of experts have attempted to break down the exploit that plagued the Pickle Finance decentralized finance protocol over the weekend, and have concluded that it was a highly complex attack. Late Nov 21, the DeFi stablecoin yield far... 

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“These are all my savings. I hope you can return it to me.” On Nov 14, an unknown party exploited flash loans via the decentralized fina... 

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With billions of dollars on the line, it is no surprise that the decentralized finance (DeFi) space has been rife with hacks and exploits on innocent contracts. The post Another day, another hack: $2m in DAI drained from Ethereum DeFi app ... 

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Blockchain records show the hackers got away with more than $2,051,159 in DAI before moving the funds to a different address. Hackers were ... 

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