curve-dao-token Curve DAO Token (CRV)

Current Price

$4.27 -3.72%

$0.2700 Daily Range (6.32%)
$4.18 $4.45
$406,404,371.00 Daily Volume
9,649 BTC, Vol/MktCap: 0.2433
Market Performance

bitcoin   -3.20% 0.00010138 BTC

ethereum   -2.87% 0.00136329 ETH

binancecoin   -3.64% 0.00908975 BNB

solana   -0.91% 0.03122943 SOL

polkadot   -1.22% 0.17378917 DOT


 Price Performance
-12.98% 7 Day Change
$-0.5542 from $4.82
-21.57% 14 Day Change
$-0.9212 from $5.19
+2.99% 30 Day Change
$0.1276 from $4.14
 All Time High
$54.01 -92.09%
$-49.74 vs. now
August 14, 2020
1 year ago

 Market Cap Rank #78
39,662 BTC
24H Change
$-68,947,332.84 -3.96%
-1,637 BTC

 Volume and Supply
391,958,099.39 CRV
23.42% circulating
Total Supply: 1,673,645,735.73 CRV
79.70x BTC Supply
94,184,095 CRV traded over past 24 hours (24.03% of circulating supply)

 Markets and Insights
Curve DAO Token Potential Price at Market Cap of:
#1 bitcoin $2,032.83 +47,507.24%
#2 ethereum $952.52 +22,207.32%
#3 binancecoin $201.28 +4,613.83%
#10 polkadot $67.18 +1,473.41%
#25 fantom $18.34 +329.41%
#50 cdai $8.24 +93.02%
#75 ecash $4.56 +6.81%
#100 compound-governance-token $2.74 -35.82%
#125 qtum $1.98 -53.71%

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