Origin Trail: Improving quality and integrity of supply chains

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Origin Trail is the first purpose-built protocol for supply chains based on blockchain. Their technology will help retailers penetrate foreign markets while promoting trust in local communities by improving the quality and integrity of products.

Award Winning Startup

OriginTrail is already implementing live use cases and pilot projects in a wide range of industries. It was the first blockchain startup to receive Wal-Mart’s Food Safety Innovation Spark Award after implementing a successful use case with a Chinese online food store.

Government Interest

The Origin Trail platform is enhancing transparency, safety and greater trust in food supply chains by enabling customers to verify the provenance of every item sold. In addition to the consumer market, there is little doubt in my mind that governments and regulatory bodies in the United States are interested in supply chain solutions using distributed ledger technology as well.

There have been numerous statements from CFTC officials about the benefits of using blockchain to track the origin of commodities. OriginTrail nor any other startup has been specifically endorsed to my knowledge but I think they would be the most likely candidate for a partnership considering what they’ve accomplished thus far.

“Blockchain also has the potential to provide consumers with knowledge about the origins and journey of their food from farm to table that before now has been impossible. In a time when consumers are calling for greater transparency and food safety requirements are increasingly stringent, blockchain can help companies track food more efficiently than the existing technologies.”

Keynote Address of Commissioner Brian Quintenz before the 2018 Agricultural Commodity Futures Conference April 6, 2018

Marketing and Product

Another advantage Origin Trail has is branding, their app, website and roadmap are astatically pleasing and their logo inspires confidence. While not a huge determining factor, it’s not hard to imagine the Origin Trail brand catching on.


Perutnina Ptuj, the largest poultry producer in Southeastern Europe, launched an nOS-based provenance app powered by the OriginTrail protocol, allowing consumers to verify data about Perutnina Ptuj products on the blockchain.

My Position

I think goods tracking is one of the most useful applications for blockchain and Origin Trail has the best product out there. If they can manage to keep a head of any competition, there is little reason to doubt that Origin Trail will be one of the most valuable crypto projects in the coming years.

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