Is Coinbase Becoming Less Relevant to US Investors?

Is Coinbase becoming less relevant to US investors?

Leading US crypto exchange Coinbase has seen its stock rapidly decline nearly 31% this year as the crypto market continues to correct after an insane bull run. While many investors attribute the Coinbase decline with overall market sentiment, others argue Coinbase is loosing relevance to decentralized exchanges because of their limited altcoin market pairs. At […]

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CashFX: A Mouthwatering Scam Exposed?!

CashFX: A Mouthwatering Scam?!

You’ve probably heard the popular phrase, “the market will give you freedom.” This has stayed true for ages with lots of millionaires emerging from the market. However, while making people millionaires it has cost people quite a fortune. The volatility of the market has made people lose lots of money because of the high risk […]

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Dragonchain: Making enterprises faster, smarter, and safer

Dragonchain is a turnkey commercial blockchain platform which allows developers to rapidly and securely deploy blockchain applications with common programming languages such as Java, Python, Node, and C#. Because blockchain applications traditionally require specialists, this allows a company to utilize smart contracts using existing software engineers in a flexible, easy to use way. The technology […]

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Here's why Bitcoin will never be adopted for crypto currency payment on the mass market

Here’s why Bitcoin will never be adopted for cryptocurrency payment on the mass market

Bitcoin is the first and most widely known cryptocurrency on the planet. While it is true you can already use BTC to purchase goods and services, this method of payment is often only carried out today by the hardcore crypto enthusiast rather than the everyday consumer. As it stands now, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are […]

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Origin Trail: Improving quality and integrity of supply chains

Upcoming Roadmap Events: June 29 – Testnet Launch Q3 2018 – Mainnet Launch Origin Trail is the first purpose-built protocol for supply chains based on blockchain. Their technology will help retailers penetrate foreign markets while promoting trust in local communities by improving the quality and integrity of products. Award Winning Startup OriginTrail is […]

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Upcoming Coinbase Pro Coin Listing Predictions

In March, Coinbase announced it would be retiring the GDAX pro trading platform on June 29, 2018 in favor of the new Coinbase Pro. Along with the new platform, market speculators are wondering what new coins might be listed since Coinbase has expressed interest in supporting alt coins and ERC-20 tokens. Coins usually pump right […]

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