BTC TA 3/15/2019: The trendline holds, LTC up 5%

This is just a quick update from the charts I posted yesterday. As it stands, Bitcoin is holding the current trendline of interest that formed back in early February.

Since the last update, Bitcoin is up 1%, Ethereum is up 3% and Litecoin is up nearly 5%. Litecoin clearly being the most bullish with the upcoming halving scheduled for later this year.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis 3/15/2019 BTC TA
Bitcoin Technical Analysis 3/15/2019. Click to enlarge.

Price and momentum are looking good but would like to see more volume with this move up. It’s possible we see some increased volume closer to the daily close.

Litecoin Technical Analysis 3/15/2019 LTC TA
Litecoin Technical Analysis 3/15/2019. Click to enlarge.

Looks like the hidden bullish divergence on LTC is being confirmed, unless of course we get dumped on. The best time to buy would have been at the divergence trend-line with a stop loss slightly below.

From here I’d like to see RSI stay above 70 for at least a couple of swings. This would give the market the strength it needs to pull higher on larger time frames.


Litecoin volume is starting to build with RSI finding support in a very bullish zone.

LTC breaking range with more volume coming in. Click to enlarge.