BTC TA 3/14/2019: Still holding support…for now.

BTC Price Technical Analysis 3/14/2019
BTC Price Technical Analysis 3/14/2019. Click to enlarge.

Currently keeping a close eye on the 4hr RSI and MACD trendlines. A break above 50 on the RSI and 0 on the MACD would suggest bullish continuation. A break of the RSI trendline would suggest a retest of $3759 or $3664.

Volatility has ceased which indicates the market is squeezing for a big move. Looking at momentum and market sentiment I have a bullish bias, however its always possible whales come along and dump the market.

Keep your stops tight, we have still yet to see the rumored Mt. Gox dump.

LTC Leading the market?

Sometimes we can find hints to which way #BTC will go by looking at other major coins. Litecoin has been known to lead the market. It looks pumpy but could still go down if Bitcoin dumps.

LTC Litecoin Technical Price Analysis 3/14/2019.
LTC Technical Analysis 3/14/2019. Click to enlarge.