Basic Attention Token TA 3/29/2019: Trap Zone Broken

Basic Attention Token had a pretty significant price move today so I thought it’d be a good idea to do a TA and take a look at where we could be going.

Looking at the weekly chart, I’ve drawn some levels that I think are significant price points, we’ve seen that the $0.18 range has been very generous to those who are patient. We’ve come down here quite a few times especially in March 2018, again in June, August, October.

Basic Attention Token BAT Technical Analysis 3/29/2019.
Basic Attention Token BAT Technical Analysis 3/29/2019.

These were all great times to buy around $0.18 because every time price comes time these levels, we see some form of rejection and some form of upside movement. If you’re patient with that this is one of those coins that you can just trade the levels and you’re going to be profitable

With the weekly chart you can see we’ve been forming a descending triangle for quite some time. We’ve finally made a clean break of this first trendline resistance, but more significantly, we are finally starting to poke our head out of what I’m calling the trap zone.

Daily chart posted below with significant areas of value and fib targets. Check out the full video for an in-depth analysis.

Basic Attention Token BAT Technical Analysis 3/29/2019
Basic Attention Token BAT Daily Chart Technical Analysis 3/29/2019.